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At the FUSION Pro Wrestling Academy, we aim to give our trainees a full education in the art of wrestling as well as developing life skills to encourage cooperative teamwork, sportsmanship, support and brotherhood in our patrons.


Our Mission Statement:

“Supporting individuals and connecting communities through the teaching and education of wrestling.”


To achieve our goals we have set out this Code of Conduct for staff, wrestlers, coaches and trainees alike. These Codes of Conduct are a covenant between FUSION Pro Wrestling Academy staff, coaches, trainees and wrestlers to uphold the morals and values of the academy, and keep all parties safe, as well as maintain a cooperative attitude and uphold the ideals of good behaviour at the academy.These Codes express our core values and goals, it is essential they are honoured and followed.


The Codes of Conduct can be summarised in the following three principles: 

  1. Demonstrating a positive attitude; 

  2. Setting a good example; and 

  3. Maintaining good relationships with all FUSION Pro Wrestling Academy participants, including staff, coaches, trainees and wrestlers.



Staff, coaches, trainees and wrestlers are expected to show a positive, respectful attitude for everyone involved in the sport. Criticism and disrespect for officials, opponents, coaches or fans undermine the purpose of sport and encourage behaviour contrary to the spirit of wrestling and the mission of the FUSION Pro Wrestling Academy.


Each person associated with the FUSION Pro Wrestling Academy is accountable for his/her own behaviour at all times in or out of the academy itself. coaches and staff should remember that trainees learn by example - it is up to the academy team to set good examples.  

The FUSION Pro Wrestling Academy will not tolerate conduct that is detrimental to the wrestling, the participants, or the community. Such conduct includes: 

  • Vulgarity by staff, trainers, trainees and wrestlers; 

  • harassment or belittling of officials, coaches or staff; 

  • verbal abuse, threats or physical violence toward anyone before, during or after training; 

  • taunting of any staff, coaches, trainees and wrestlers 

We require thorough self-restraint by all participants. Everyone must exercise appropriate control over those who fail to control themselves.


Staff, coaches, trainees and wrestlers are required to maintain respect for everyone at all times. Sportsmanship begins with respect. Without it, the positive environment, which should be a perfect classroom for learning the values of wrestling, is completely undermined. Occasionally we will encounter those who do not share our values and high standards. If we allow ourselves to be drawn down to their level, we will have lost regardless of the final bell.

In an environment where our trainees are working closely with one another, it can be difficult to control jealousies and rivalries. The FUSION Pro Wrestling Academy is a team, and a successful team resembles a family in that members put their own needs second, behind the greater good of the team. Great care must be taken not to undermine the coach’s authority. As in most cases, a positive leadership example is all-important.



It is a privilege to train with the FUSION Pro Wrestling Academy. As a FUSION Pro Wrestling Academy trainee, I will:

  1. Work hard for the good of the school, and not just myself.

  2. Be modest and generous when I am successful and modest when I am not.

  3. Respect wrestling and its history. Respect the academy staff and coaches.

  4. Give my best effort at all times.

  5. Show respect for the authority of the academy, staff and coaches, even though I will sometimes disagree with his/her calls.

  6. Show good sportsmanship before, during, and after wrestling. I understand that wrestling is a work and that other trainees or wrestlers are my opponents, not my enemies.

  7. Conduct myself with honour and dignity and treat other trainees as I would like to be treated.

  8. Help myself and others understand the ways and means of wrestling. I will be sure they understand that dissent is not appropriate at training.

  9. Control my temper and not retaliate, even if I believe I have been wronged.

  10. Not use or possess tobacco, alcohol, or illegal or performance-enhancing drugs on training premises.

Consequences will be determined by the academy coaching team, management and senior staff  for violations of the Code of Conduct.

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