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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Some time ago I began to look back at the catalog of CCW shows. Then, with the help of my long time comrades in wrestling Nelson Rahi and Mikey Mason, I began to rank these shows best to worst. I wrote an article on our worst show, Seasons Beatings, a while back but then totally forgot about the project. So I’m starting again, instead I’ll separate them into batches of five shows each. So here are the CCW shows ranked 20-17.

20. Seasons Beatings

I’ve already spoken about this even in more detail so I shall keep it brief. JacK Union claimed he’d be the man to lead CCW into 2015, but due to his selfish attitude, bullying and huge overestimation of his popularity/charisma, he proved to be a major misstep for our promotion. Seasons Beatings was meant to be the first show that showcased the Sons of Silence, a unoriginal CCW faction created by Union and co which were basically a clone of TNA faction the Aces & Eights. A drab show which also featured at minute long main event from Jack Union himself (he was injured but failed to inform bookers until after the show). Which leads us to...

19. The Sound of Silence

CCW wasn’t ready to give up on the Sons of Silence just yet, dedicating a whole show to the faction. Sadly this event wouldn’t be much of an improvement over Seasons Beatings. Once again the Sons failed to draw much attention to this event, this also being one of the poorest attended CCW shows.

This show marked the final appearance of one of my favourite wrestlers. Danny Valentine had worked with CCW on and off since it’s very inception. Not only did Valentine work the first CCW main event ever, he also wrestled on a small event to promote the opening of the CCW Academy in February 2012. Valentine opened the show in a losing effort to fellow Basix graduate Jonny Blaze.

Next up came Matt Burns vs FUSION Pro’s very own G-Force. These two big men always had an entertaining match, and this one saw 20 stone plus G-Force suplex the 24 stone plus Matt Burns. G-Force came out on top here. Next up Big 50 had the dubious task to taking on Ajax. After an unintelligible promo from Ajax, the pair wrestled what was essentially Ajax’s try-out match. Unfortunately, Ajax failed the test.

A short match saw Ryan Priamo lose to Tony Bond, I always liked Priamo and wanted to see him progress as a wrestler. And then came the ‘stars’ of the show. The Sons of Silence took on Team CCW, AJ Hughes and Keith Mathews. This show was the nail in the coffin for the Sons, in fact it would be their last match. A spirited brawl around the hall failed to elect much response from the crowd.

Union and Tiny both looked out of their depth, at least character wise compared to the charismatic pairing of Mathews and Hughes. A botched end to the show saw Union become furious, legitimately attacking the referee and saw Tiny slam AJ through the stage, damaging the venue.

“I don't remember much of the show at all, apart that Union was pissed off after and Basix boss Mike Roberts had to tell Ajax off in front of everyone because of his bad attitude.” -Dick Chambers

It was a petty end to a pretty ugly show all in all, but as mentioned before, it would be the final event that would feature the Sons of Silence.

18. The BIG One - Chapter 2

The BIG One was one of CCW’s first, and biggest success stories. A sell out crowd packed into the Conwy Civic Hall to see the biggest card of 2012, and while it wasn’t perfect, it was a fun event. Fast forward one year and we’d find out if lightning would strike twice. Spoiler: It didn’t.

The BIG One - Chapter 2 was a bit of a disaster from the start. Firstly, I personally okayed a poster, despite it not featuring a start time for the show. That’s kinda a necessity. A few fans did turn up to the show, but it was far from a sell out. Squirt defeated Troy McCarthy in the opener, during which a fan got injured. Demoni defeated Enrique Bilini in a squash match and a short bout between Ajax and Trent Adams ended in a no contest after the Golden Embassy attacked the pair.

Scott Skyler defeated Dave Delvecchio and AJ Hughes defeated Keith Mathews, both entertaining bouts. Frenzi then defeated Ethan Silver in the match of the night. Then we had a grudge match which saw Trent Adams take on Embassy member Tommy Hayden. However, Adams would severely injure his knee leaping into the ring at the start of the match, so the bout had to end early. Hayden’s loss became known as the ‘57 seconds’ incident, and the knee injury was so severe that it would see Adams eventually retire.

In an entertaining main event, Danny Valentine and Matt Burns took on the team of Tony Bond and Big 50. These guys always had entertaining bouts and this one was no exception. A strange event, the matches weren’t bad as such, but it was a disappointing show all in all, lacking the atmosphere that made the original BIG One so great.

17. Showdown

Showdown was the very first CCW event. I’ll try and be kind to it, but it was not a good show. This was mostly down to our inexperience in booking these sorts of events. To be honest, we were not prepared for this. Showdown took place at the Ty Hapus Centre in Llandudno, our only show ever held there (until 2019!). This card was only small and was hampered by a couple of guys not being able to make it at the last minute, which made the card even smaller.

In the opening match Derek ‘The Motivator’ Evans defeated Mason Tombs. This was Tombs’ first match in nearly a decade, and he struggled to keep up with Evans. Ajax defeated Ace Jordan (A.J Hughes), while Big 50 toppled Ben Ellis. The show seems awfully flat during this event, that was until our main event.

A triple threat match saw Danny Masters, Danny Valentine and Scott Skyler all take each other on. Skyler just happened to be at the show on the day and volunteered his services as we were so short. This let to Scott appearing on a number of CCW shows. Also once again, here’s Danny Valentine. I feel bad as I’ve spoken about CCW’s four worst shows and three of them have featured Danny Valentine.

Just wanted to make it clear that Valentine is probably one of the most talented heels in CCW history. It’s just sods law that he ended up working on our poorest events. Out of everyone, it’s Valentine I wished we’d used more, especially as one of our main heels. But his work with Basix and later working on his own promotion ICE Wrestling meant that we didn’t use him as much as we’d hoped.

The show ended on a battle rumble which saw Ace Jordan declared the winner. This event was CCW in its infancy, there was lots that could've been done better, but everyone has to start somewhere.

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