Corruption in FUSION Pro?

There have been allegations of corruption at the very top of FUSION Pro. Eyebrows were raised when rumours began bouncing around that Douggie Mathews would be given a title shot at FUSION Pro Hard Target on the 15th of March. Fingers are being pointed toward ‘The Smartest Man in Wrestling’ Dick Chambers, who may be using his current role of

FUSION Pro Director to secure a title shot for Mathews.

Fusioneers have been quick to point out that while Douggie Mathews has a good record in the promotion, he is not high enough in the rankings to be granted a title shot. Those same Fusioneers have also pointed out that Douggie Mathews, nephew of former CCW Welsh Championship holder Keith Mathews, just so happens to be an official client of Director Dick Chambers.

Dick recently stated;

“I don’t like these luchas, why hide their face? A man with a hidden face has something to hide. For one, his face.”

Chambers and FUSION Pro Grand Champion Pequeno Loco recently had a major disagreement at Uncivil War back in November, and has expressed his desire to get the belt away from the masked Loco at all costs.

Do you think Dick Chambers is corrupt?

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