FrightFest III Aftermath

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After almost two years away, FUSION Pro Wrestling returned to the Ty Hapus Community Centre in Llandudno and nothing had changed, apart from everything.

So pre-lockdown Kreaper won the Grand Rumble at Hard Target in February 2020. The winner of this match is guaranteed to get a title shot at Masters of the Squared Circle. Since both Masters' 2020 and 2021 events were both cancelled, his title shot was put back until the next available show... this show.

We kicked off the show with two FUSION Pro show with two stalwarts, KHAOS vs Reinhart. In a match that was one of the best in FUSION Pro history, Reinhart was victorious. This match was also commented on by WWE wrestler Kevin Owens, who praised KHAOS on Twitter.

The next match saw the return of an injured wrestler, as well as someone totally new to FUSION. Ry Lloyd, substituting for an injured Andy Knoxx took on newcomer 'El Diablo' Ginha. Lloyd had previously suffering a severely broken leg at an event in 2019, and this was only his second match in over two years. Ginha, despite having a bull at ringside, was unable to defeat the veteran and Ry Lloyd walked away with the win.

It was CCW Welsh Championship time, as Brian Stone took on Alfie Brooks. Stone, who the at time of the event had held the CCW Welsh title for 819 days, was firm favourite for the match, however Brooks did not make it an easy defence. However, it was Brian Stone who came up trumps and is still the CCW Welsh Champion.

Next up was the Jack Thorn Open Challenge. Pastor Everett Teague has been training Thorn with a switch since Easter and now it was time to open him up to all challengers. Mason Tombs would be the surprise challenger and would come out on top, despite being against the odds.

In our penultimate match, the 'Prince of Pirates' Joey Marcus returned from his voyages to battle newcomer Adam Lowe. Lowe was not in the mood for any of Marcus' tomfoolery and attempted to use his pure wrestling prowess to claim victory. This did not pan out as Joey Marcus was able to hold his own and take the victory.

Finally, after waiting for nearly two years the unpinned and unsubmitted Kreaper got his title shot against reigning FUSION Pro Grand Champion Pequeno Loco. This match was to be a Last Monster Standing match, meaning the winner had to put his opponent down for a 10 count. Loco's back was against the wall in this one, considering Kreaper's record. But it would Loco would put in one of the most valiant performances of his career.

In the end it wouldn't be enough, and Kreaper would defeat Loco to become he fourth FUSION Pro Grand Champion.

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