FUSION Power 01 - May/June 2018

With The Ultimate 8 nearly upon us let's take a look at the latest happenings in FUSION Pro.

CCW Resurgence

While Conwy County Wrestling is now laid to rest, its legacy lives on in the CCW Champion of Wales belt. The title will be introduced in CCW next month and shall retain its original name in honour to the former wrestling company. Conwy County Wrestling was founded by pro wrestling trio Lucas James, Mason Tombs and Trent Adams in 2012 and ran until 2016. The last CCW Champion of Wales was Keith ‘The Destroyer’ Mathews who held the belt for a whopping two years before quietly retiring from a knee injury in 2017.

We reached out to the former CCW stars and asked them their opinion on the return of the CCW Champion of Wales belt.

“...Bringing back the CCW Champion of Wales belt is honouring the work accomplished by both the CCW ring workers and backstage staff.” said Lucas James before saying “...Wrestlers such as G-Force and A.J Hughes have continued to improve since the closure of CCW…”

Who will be the next Champion of Wales? Head to The Ultimate 8 to find out!

Mystery Rumble Entrant

Eagle eyes fans at FUSION Prologue will have noticed that the 20-Man Grand Rumble for the vacant FUSION Pro Grand Championship actually had 21 men in it, and one of those men didn’t look like the rest of them. In the latter stages of the rumble, a fan in T-Shirt and jeans didn’t take kindly to a certain level of gyp given to him by one A.J Hughes. But things were not what they seemed, the fan in question was none other than former CCW and SLAM grappler Matt Burns, who entered himself into the rumble, but was subsequently eliminated by A.J as FUSION Pro Senior Referee Dave Thomas interviended in the fracas.

We contacted Burns regarding the incident and he had this to say;

“Me and A.J go back years, but his attitude of late has really come out of the blue. He was inviting fans to enter the Rumble ‘if they dared to’ in his words...” Matt went onto add; “...he got more than he bargained for when he personally invited me into the ring and I was more than happy to give him a lesson in respect… he needs to be careful what he wishes for...”

Matt Burns was forced to take the last year or so away from wrestling to recover from a number of a medical issues, but recently Burns has been given a full bill of health by doctors and is now cleared to wrestle. We contacted A.J regarding Burns’ comments and asked about a potential showdown against the ‘Funk Soul Brother’ but as publishing we have not heard back from Hughes.

Jay Shelley Missing?

Fans who saw FUSION Prologue will most likely remember Jay Shelley in the 8-Man Tag Team Match. He was arguably the most competitive combatant in the whole contest, largely dominating the veteran Mason Tombs during the match. But since the match Shelley has been largely absent from FUSION Pro. It is noted that he suffered a slight neck injury at the show and was taking time away, but could Shelley’s absence be a little more sinister?

According to FUSION Pro referee Dillon Sanchez, a mysterious figure was seen in the darkened hallways of the Ty Hapus Centre in Llandudno. Speaking via a translator, he claimed that a figure bearing a remarkable likeness to Shelley was seen stalking the hallways. Sanchez went on to say “The figure had pale solid white eyes, and a patterned face, like paint layered delicately over a canvas of evil.” (Google Translate).

It is too early to say what exactly Sanchez saw, our attempts to reach Shelley have been fruitless thus far. Perhaps something has actually happened to Say Shelley, or perhaps Dillon Sanchez has relapsed with his marker pen addiction. Either way Shelley is due to face Krimson Kage at The Ultimate 8, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Ultimate 8 2018

Our next event is upon us next month! The Ultimate 8 is the spiritual successor to the CCW Super 8 which was held annually in June. The eight man tournament features Ry Lloyd, Phantasmo, Jay Shelley, Krimson Kage, Brian Stone, Pastor Everett Teague, Ashton Lover and J.D Justice. As mentioned above the winner will be crowned CCW Champion of Wales.

FUSION Pro’s Director of Wrestling Dick Chambers said he was “very excited” to see the tournament return but also had this to say about the entrants;

“Personally, I can see no other winner than my personal client, Ashton Lover. You see, I only back winners, so naturally I’m backing Ashton, because he is a born winner”.

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