FUSION Power 02 - June/July 2018

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

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A new CCW Champion of Wales

It’s been nearly two years since Conwy County Wrestling closed it’s doors, so many never expected to see a new CCW Champion. FUSION Pro chairman Martyn Jones recently announced; “Part of the future of FUSION Pro, is embracing its past, so we are proud to announce the return of the CCW Champion of Wales title belt.”

The winner of the Ultimate 8 Tournament would be awarded the belt as his trophy, and this month it would be Pequeno Loco who would claim the prize, narrowly beating Ashton Lover to the belt. The title will continue to be defended at FUSION Pro events going for an a number one contenders match has been scheduled for Masters of the Squared Circle on August 31st 2018 at Llandudno Town Hall. The match will see Brian Stone, Pastor Everett Teague and Ashton Lover go toe to toe to toe in a triple threat match.

The FUSION Pro Grand Championship: Open Challenge and Controversy

FUSION Pro’s Director of Wrestling, Dick Chambers, recently announced that the main event for Masters of the Square Circle on August 31st 2018 at Llandudno Town Hall, would be for the FUSION Pro Grand Championship. The challenge would be open on a first come first serve basis, to anyone who made it into the semi-finals of the Ultimate 8. We’ve already got our challenger.

It wasn’t even 24 hours when the first response came in from the deranged maniac, Jay Shelley.

The challenge has already been accepted by Dick Chambers, and we shall see Shelley take on the heavyweight G-Force on August 31st. G-Force recently defended his title against AJ Hughes on June 9th at Ultimate 8, but the match met a controversial end as senior referee Dave Thomas was injured during the bout, and was substituted by Matt Burns at the end of the match.

It is unknown whether Matt Burns was a recognised referee at the event, but as Chambers was not present and Burns has personal issues with AJ, it’s possible that Chambers will set the match to be refought at some point in the near future. For more info on Burns, see below.

Matt Burns

A quick update on the plight of Matt Burns. The former CCW, United Wrestling and SLAM! star has been out of wrestling due to medical problems for a couple of years now. He was in attendance at Prologue in April this year, where he was met with jeering and insults from one, AJ Hughes. This caused Burns to crack and entered the Grand Rumble unexpectedly and attacked Hughes.

Matt Burns was invited along to Ultimate 8 to give an interview on his medical condition, his podcast ‘The Burning Truth’ and of course, AJ Hughes. But before he could really discuss anything in detail, Burns was sneak attacked by Hughes, leaving him down. When Matt came to he seemed dejected and upset by the occurrence, and quietly left the hall.

We thought that was the last we’d see of Burns that evening, but with Dave Thomas out of commision, Matt stepped in as the replacement referee for the main event and with Hughes taken out with a ChokeSlam by G-Force, Burns counted the three-count.

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