FUSION Pro Hart Target Aftermath

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the show was only attended by a few souls, but as always the FUSION Pro Players did their best to entertain the crowd.

CCW Welsh Title Match -

AJ Hughes vs Brian Stone ©

Stones hardest challenge to date, there were many who felt that he could not best the former Welsh and Grand champion, AJ Hughes. Especially as Hughes was flanked by AnarKy and potential recruit Ryan Riot. However, having too much assistance at ringside proved to be AJ’s downfall, as it was Riot that accidently hit AJ with a kendo stick, allowing Stone to hit the Elephant Stone for the win. Despite being champ, he was beaten by AnarKy post match, which led to a Super Knee Smash Bros run in and we’re straight into the tag title match.

FUSION Pro Tag Team Titles Match -

Krimson KHAOS & Ryan Riot vs The Super Knee Smash Bros ©

Ryan Riot in action now, replacing the injured AnarKy member Jay Shelley. If Riot helped AnarKy win the tag team titles, Ryan could earn his place in the AnarKy. It wasn’t to be on this night, as another error on Riot’s handed Reinhart and Gustan Las Lamparas the victory. After the match, the AnarKy trio attacked Riot, leaving him to limp his way to the back.

Falls Count Anywhere -

Leon Hunter vs Kreaper

This feud has been bubbling away since October when Leon Hunter handcuffed Kreaper outside the ring, allowing Harley Hudson to gain a rare countout win over the monster. Hunter vs Kreaper in November saw Leon come closer than anyone else to defeating the giant, which has led to tonight's rematch. Hunter demanded a rematch after his 6 man tag team match (against Kreaper, G-Force and Douggie Mathews) was cancelled due to the February storms.

Director Dick Chambers areed, on the agreement that the match is under falls count anywhere rules, a match Chambers must feel is definitely in Kreapers ballpark. It wouldn’t turn out to be as one sided as Chambers hoped, as Hunter gave as good as he got in and outside the ring. Sadly, Kreaper blocked Hunter’s attempt at a Stunner on the stage area, and promptly sent him hurtling off the stage and through the nearby title belt display table.

Kreaper gets the win.

FUSION Pro Grand Championship Match -

Douggie Mathews vs Pequeno Loco ©

So this match had a fair bit of controversy in its build up. Firstly, many wrestlers claim that Director of Wrestling Dick Chamber’s decision to grant Mathews a title shot wasn’t fair, as Mathews wasn’t high enough in the rankings to really be considered for it. People have pointed to Chambers’ comments at Uncivil War in November, when he claimed he didn’t like having a masked wrestler as a champion.

This whole match could’ve been constructed so that Mathews, who is also a client of Dick Chambers, is the person to remove the belt from Pequeno Loco. It would seem that in the early going this may come to pass, with Mathews possessing a new, aggressive attitude. Despite Douggies aggression, he was unable to come out the victor this time, let’s see what Dick Chambers has to say about that!

So it’s time for the Grand Rumble, you know the rules. The winner gets a title shot at Masters of the Squared Circle. Bizarrely there were a number of individuals vying for first entrant at this show, despite having the worst chances of winning, but first in was the ‘Salford Submission Machine’ Brian Stone. Spot 2 was taken by Krimson KHAOS, who was substituting for the injured Jay Shelley.

Mr Che came next, and went just as quickly. Morgan Daley and Harley Hudson came next. Then in a confusion situation, an armed Ryan Riot and AJ Hughes both entered the arena, Riot seemingly unhappy with his treatment earlier in the night. Ryan quickly eliminated both AJ and KHAOS.

It was smooth sailing for a while, with FUSION regulars Mason Tombs, Reinhart and Ashton Lover entering, and were also joined by newcomers Alpha Kid, LukeMoto and Luke Davis. Then the moment everyone had been hoping wouldn’t come, Kreaper. Kreaps made mincemeat of the opposition, eliminating everyone aside from Brian Stone and Harley Hudson.

The ring once again fills, co-Distinction member Jake Chambers joining his colleague Kreaper in the ring, with FUSION trainer Wynn Williams, Kreaper rival Leon Hunter and Alfie Brooks all entering the match. Then it was time for the mystery entrant, and it turned out to be CCW’s Welsh Dragon, returning to the CCW/FUSION ring for the first time in years.

The field was rounded out by Pastor Everett Teague, Douggie Mathews and Joey Marcus. Before long the field has been rounded down to just Harley Hudson and Kreaper. Hudson appeared to have the match won, as she managed to duck out of a charge from Kreaper, sending him tumbling over the top rope. Kreaper only avoided elimination by fellow Distinction members preventing his feet from touching the floor.

This caused an outrage in the hall, which saw many wrestlers come from the locker room to remonstrate Distinction, and themselves actually managed to catch Harley, preventing her from hitting the floor. With the match level the pair fought their way across the ring, and both made their way over the top rope and onto the apron. Either competitor could’ve bought the farm right here, but in the end it was Harley Hudson who found her way to the floor.

Our winner, and next in line for a title shot at Pequeno Loco, Kreaper.

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