FUSION Pro kicks off with a bang

What an epic night of wrestling we had in Llanfairfechan, North Wales to kick off FUSION Pro Wrestling! As you may know, we are the spiritual successor to another Conwy County-based wrestling organisation, so it is great to be back!

Jonny Blaze and Tony Bond continued their long-time rivalry/partnership with a cracking, technical match. We had suicide dives, brawls and everything in between as Blaze managed to capture the win this time around.

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We had a huge, out of control, 8-man tag match featuring Pastor Teague, Ashton Lover, Jay Shelley and Jack Jones going up against the team of Mason Tombs, Phantasmo, JD Justice and Brian Stone. I didn't envy the referee in this one, trying to keep control in a fight with some of the biggest egos and angriest competitors around. This match was always close to bubbling over but in the end the good guys overcame as the team of Tombs, Phantasmo, Justice and Stone won out.

Many of you will remember that not too long ago G-Force was managed by The Smartest Man In Wrestling Today Dick Chambers (now the FUSION Pro Director of Wrestling). They fell out spectacularly when Chambers tried to insist G-Force lay down so another of his clients could go through to the next round of a prestigious tournament. G-Force had other ideas, beat his man, won the tournament, and ended his association with Chambers in emphatic style. At Prologue G-Force knew he was fighting a mystery opponent and what do you know Dick Chambers brings out his latest client: Kreaper. 7 foot tall, an unholy monster, this guy would take some beating!

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The match was end to end as the two huge powerhouses went toe-to-toe. Of course Chambers was constantly involved but as G-Force started to gain the upperhand and with Kreaper getting more and more frustrated, Chambers actually stopped his monster from getting back in the ring! It resulted in a countout and a loss for Kreaper. A really strange occurance and no one is really sure what Chambers has in mind for this. We will have to keep an eye on this situation!

Two supreme fan-favourites in Ryan Lloyd and AJ Hughes had the next match. A bit of background here: Since we last saw him in Conwy, Lloyd has grown into a fiercly successful wrestler, gaining success and titles across the UK. AJ Hughes is one of Conwy's most decorated wrestlers, having won the Super8 and the CCW Welsh Championship and generally being one of the most consistent performers. Despite their long history in Conwy neither had faced each other before, so it was with real anticipation that we watched on as the two much loved men battled it out!

The match was constantly changing direction with both men taking the upperhand at times. The force seemed to be with Hughes as the former Welsh Champion gained control. Yet as he went for the pin, it was Lloyd who managed to convert his kickout into a rollup and took the victory. Sensational finish and the crowd overjoyed at an excellent match. Yet what happened next overshadowed the match: Lloyd offered a hand to Hughes out of friendship and professional respect. After thinking about it, Hughes did indeed shake hands. Yet as he left the ring leaving Lloyd to celebrate, he caught sight of the Grand Championship belt left on display for the upcoming Grand Rumble. He grabbed it, slid back into the ring and attacked Lloyd with it, then attacked the referee too. We will wait and see whether Hughes is reprimanded for these actions and also what response Lloyd will have for Hughes.

Finally as we are technically a brand new wrestling company, we needed to find out who our champion is. Arguably the best way? Anyone who fancies it can sign up for a twenty man Grand Rumble and whoever survived would be the FUSION Pro Wrestling Grand Champion! Many of the entrants were doing double-duty as they had already been involved in matches earlier in the night. But what an oppportunity to become the first ever FUSION Pro Grand Champion! Phantasmo, Kreaper, JD Justice, Mason Tombs, Tony Bond, even the two referees had all signed up and were involved. Heck, even Dick Chambers had signed up! Imagine if somehow Dick Chambers had become the company's champion?! An interesting side note; When Chambers entered the ring it looked like his clients were siding with him in what appeared to be a calculated, orchestrated plan unfolding. It was only when Mason Tombs pointed out to everyone that it was Dick Chambers that literally everyone in the ring joined up to dump Chambers over the top rope!

We had such drama in this incredible match! JD Justice and Ashton Lover were the two entrants in first yet somehow against all odds they lasted right up until the end of the match. They were very close to winning the Grand Championship! It eventually came down to AJ Hughes and G-Force, two men with long histories and many battles with each other. Hughes had not seen G-Force and must have assumed he had been eliminated, so when he managed to eliminate the 'last man' he must have thought he was FUSION Pro Grand Champion. However G-Force was very much still in the match and the Man Stronger Than Gravity took the chance to throw Hughes over the top rope and thereby become the first ever FUSION Pro Grand Champion. We have never had a champion as deserving as this man, everyone knows it, so when he won the whole arena cheered with him. Fantastic stuff!

Our next event will be in June - the FUSION Pro Ultimate 8 Tournament! Stay with us on social media for all the news and remember you can buy tickets right here on www.fusionprowrestling.com for a much discounted price!

I'm 'Chocolate Pain' Nelson Rahi, Lead Commentator at FUSION Pro Wrestling. Thank you for reading and see you next time.

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