Worst to Best: 20. CCW Seasons Beatings (The Ballard of a Microwave and a Chicken)

Mason Tombs, Nelson Rahi and Michael Mason all got together to give their opinions on all 20 CCW shows that took place between 2012 and 2016. Today we start with the very worst. Let's start scraping the barrell.

20. CCW Seasons Beatings

Starting off with the worst, and it was truly bad! Easily the worst CCW event, it all went down in the Mochdre Village Hall, which is a dismal place at the best of times. Famously (or not so) it featured a phantom title change, when Union Jack beat AJ Hughes for the CCW Champion of Wales belt. The match lasted less than a minute. That’s right gang, the main event of the show lasted less than a minute. This was because Union Jack, the highest paid wrestler on the card, failed to info CCW management that he had recently suffered an injury. Union didn’t even get changed to win the title, just did it his jeans and hoodie, easily the worst main event CCW ever held. CCW technical expert Michael Mason said this;

“The booking was terrible and everyone wrestled like they didn’t want to be there.” But he did give it one point; “The Christmas Carnage match was good.”

The rest of the card didn’t fare too well. The show opened with Union Jack defeating Matt Burns for the number one contendership in, you’ve guess it, less than a minute. While there was some talent in the Celtic Kid/Welsh Dragon vs Ry Lloyd/Ajax match, the whole thing seemed a little flat. The now infamous Christmas Carnage match (Mason Tombs vs G-Force) fared little better, not even using a cooked chicken as a weapon was enough to excite these fans!

“We didn’t really plan much of it, the main spots, but the rest of it we just wrestled on the fly, me and Em (G-Force) prefer it that way.”

Not even the legendary tag team The Renegades could get a rise from these fans as they beat Big 50 & Mario Priamo. The Fatal Four Way Title match also was too chaotic to be any fun, in the end AJ Hughes defeated Keith Mathews, Tommy Hayden & Tiny. Before Union Jack entered the ring and challenged AJ there and then. Nothing more needed to be said. In the end Union’s title reign was expunged after his threatening and abusive behaviour, so Union Jack was the ‘Champion that never was.’ A real low point in the history of CCW.

When lead announcer Nelson Rahi was asked about this event he had this to say; “I don’t really remember it… Um… A microwave and a chicken?”

That really sums up this event perfectly.

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