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Height 6’1”

Weight 13.2st

Hometown - Llandudno, Wales

Signature Moves -

Spinning Back Kick

Top Rope Double Stomp

AJ is one of the most accomplished wrestlers in Wales. Winning the Super 8 Cup in 2015, the Conwy Wrestling Champion of Wales and wrestler of the year in 2014. Most recently he won the prestigious ‘Chocolate Pain’s Match of the Year’ in 2016.

In 2018 he narrowly missed out on the Grand Championship when he became the runner up of the inaugural Grand Rumble. Since then he became the controversial number one contender defeating Ry Lloyd after the match was restarted by Dick Chambers. 

Later in the same evening, Hughes announced that he was aligning himself with the faction 'AnarKy'. AJ defeated G-Force for the Grand Championship in October 2018, with help from Jared Gorwick and Jay Shelley.


FUSION Pro Grand Champion

CCW Welsh Champion

Super 8 Cup Winner 2015

Wrestler of the Year 2014

Tag Team of the Year 2015

Chocolate Pain's Match of the Year Winner 2016, 2018


Height 6’0”

Weight 14.2st

Hometown - Love Island

Signature Moves-

Fall of Love


Nickname "Mr Loverman"

Ashton Lover is a rookie from the FUSION Pro Academy. Ashton considers himself to be perfect, and will not stop till he finds a girl as perfect as he. Unfortunately for the women of the world, in Ashton’s eyes, no women will ever live up to his lofty expectations. He truly believes that he is the hottest man in British Wrestling and that every woman wants to be with him and every man wants to be him.


Lover joined forces with the Chambers family under the tutelage of Dick Chambers, joining fellow members Douggie Mathews and Kreaper. In June he used his connections to fight his way to the final of the Ultimate 8 Tournament, where he was finally defeated by El Phantasma.


Ultimate 8 2018 Runner Up




Height 5’8”

Weight 15.0st

Hometown - Salford, Manchester

Signature Moves -

Fools Gold

Elephant Stone

Brian Stone is a rookie from the FUSION Pro Academy. The ‘Salford Submission Machine’ has spent his last 12 months studying the best ways to make people tap. He hopes to use his skills to rise to the top in FUSION Pro.

In 2018, Stone made it to the semi-finals of the Ultimate 8 and later on defeated veteran Ben Jones to qualify for the Super 8 2019. After defeating Jones, Stone defeated Wynn Williams, Ashton Lover and finally, Lucas James to become the first man to lift the Newton Super 8 Cup.


Super 8 Cup Winner 2019

CCW Welsh Champion 



Height 5'9"

Weight 13.2st

Hometown Prestatyn, Wales (Now residing in Chelsea, London)

Signature Moves -

The Rich Hit

The Money Shot

Douggie Mathews was brought into Fusion Pro Wrestling by Dick Chambers as a Technical Assistant to the boss himself. He considers himself to be at a higher place in society than “All of the Peasants”.


He vows to take Fusion Pro Wrestling by storm with Dick Chambers by bringing all the championship titles to Dick Chambers, himself and his two other teammates. Also, by doing what’s best for business. He also said to us during an interview “if there isn't money, I ain't involved. Don’t waste my time!” He believes time should be spent earning the one thing he truly cares about in life - Money.


Height 5’8”

Weight 12.5st

Hometown - Acapulco, Mexico

Little is known about this Mexican phantom, some say he’s the ghost of El Acosador Sr, others say he took the wrong flight from Acapulco. We may never know the truth behind this mysterious wrestler.

In 2018, El Phantasma won the Ultimate 8 tournament, beating Ashton Lover in the final. He was also crowned the first CCW Welsh Champion under the FUSION Pro brand. The reign would last only a few months however, as he lost the belt to Pastor Everett Teague later that same year.


Ultimate 8 Winner

CCW Welsh Champion

Wrestler of the Year 2018

FUSION Pro Tag Team Champion (w/Krimson Kage)

pequeño loco


Height 5’10”

Weight 275lbs

Hometown - Pearl River, Mississippi, USA

Father Everett Teague - rookie from the FUSION Pro Academy. A popular televangelist from the Mississippi Bible belt, he moved to North Wales after learning of the sheer amount of sinners in the local area. Teague aims to be a shepherd to the sinners of FUSION Pro, even if his methods are a little unorthodox.

At Masters of the Squared Circle, Teague defeated Ashton Lover and Brian Stone to become number one contender for the CCW Welsh Championship, and in October 2018, he defeated El Phantasma for that very belt.


CCW Welsh Champion

Newcomer of the Year 2018



Height 6’4"

Weight 22.5st

Hometown Llandudno, Wales

Signature Moves -


Black Hole Slam

Intergalactic Powerslam

G-Force is the heavyweight beast of FUSION Pro. After a shoulder injury nearly ended his career, G-Force has clawed his way back from injury to become the biggest star in Fusion Pro Wrestling.

As part of Conwy County Wrestling, G-Force was 2015's Rookie of the Year, and in 2016 he won the Super 8 tournament and was voted Wrestler of the Year.


With victories over the likes of Drew Parker, Mason Tombs, Matt Burns and AJ Hughes, G-Force has accumulated an impressive win/loss record, and since dropping his leach of a manager Dick Chambers, everything has been looking up for G-Force, becoming the inaugural Grand Champion of Fusion Pro Wrestling in 2018. He would hold the title for much of 2018, eventually losing the belt to AJ Hughes in October.


FUSION Pro Grand Champion

Super 8 Cup Winner 2016

Wrestler of the Year 2016, 2018

Rookie of the Year 2015



Height 6’2”

Weight 12.3st

Hometown - The Gates of Hell

Signature Moves -

Dead Memories

Swanton Bomb

Nickname - 'The Reaper of Dead Memories' 

INFORMATION REDACTED        --        [Clearance Level 4 Required]


Tag Team of the Year 2018

FUSION Pro Tag Team Champion (w/Jared Gorwick)






Signature Moves

Joey Marcus is FUSION Pro's crowned 'Prince of Pirates' After making his debut at Masters of the Squared Circle in 2018, alongside Wynn Williams in a losing effort to Kreaper and Douggie Mathews.

In 2019, Marcus was crowned number 1 contender for the CCW Welsh Championship after beating Matt Burns and Ashton Lover in a 3-way dance. However, he was unable to defeat Paster Everett Teague to claim the belt.



Height 5’8”

Weight 14.5st

Hometown - Anglesea, Wales

Signature Moves -

Fear Spear

Lethal Virus

Chaotic Drop

Krimson Kage is a rookie from the FUSION Pro Academy. The 'Salvation of Professional Wrestling' hopes to make a big splash in the world of FUSION Pro.

In 2018 he entered the attempted to find gold twice by entering the Ultimate 8 and Grand Rumble, coming up short both times. He began feuding with AnarKy after he was attacked by the faction during both the Ultimate 8 and Masters of the Squared Circle events.


Rookie of the Year 2018

FUSION Pro Tag Team Champion (W/Pequeno Loco)



Height 6’0”

Weight 15.0st

Hometown - Harstad, Norway

Signature Moves -

Space Takedown Ogawa

Falling Reverse DDT

The Face Flattener

Former Conwy Wrestling Chairman, his bizarre behavior after being hit over the head too many times gained him the nickname ‘The Insane Chairman’. Although he’s insane, he’s a former Super 8 semi-finalist as well as one half of Tag Team of the Year in 2014.

In 2018, he began feuding with overseas legend The Golden Bee. At Masters of the Squared Circle, Tombs suffered a head injury after Golden Bee attacked him after the match, hitting him with a nasty Fishermans DDT.


Chocolate Pain's Match of the Year 2013

Tag Team of the Year 2014



Height 6’0”

Weight 13.5st

Hometown - Kinmel Bay, Wales

Ry has become one of the most sought after wrestlers in the UK scene in recent years. The Rookie of the Year 2014 winner has gone on to wrestle for some of the biggest promotions in England and Wales since and won the Pro Wrestling 4 U G6 Championship in 2018.

At the Ultimate 8 2018, Ry Lloyd introduced us to his strange but no less welcome alter-ego, Ry Lucha. Later that year, Ry won the Grand Champion No.1 Contendership, before Dick Chambers restarted the match, which saw Ry lose out on the opportunity.


Tag Team of the Year 2014

Rookie of the Year 2014

Match of the Year 2018



Height 5’9”

Weight 12.7st

Hometown - Conwy, Wales

Wynn Williams is the head trainer for the FUSION Pro Academy. He made his FUSION Pro debut at PROlogue, challenging for the Grand Championship in the Grand Rumble, but was eliminated.

Williams entered the Super 8 Cup 2019, but was eliminated by Brian Stone in the quarter finals. 


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