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Performers Fair Use Policy Rules


Wrestlers are allowed to use official FUSION Pro footage to promote themselves as long as they adhere to the following rules:

  • An individual can not use more than a total of 25% of footage from any one match. (For instance, if a wrestler works a 10 minute match, they can only use 2 minutes 30 seconds worth of footage

  • An individual must give credit to FUSION Pro Wrestling and reference relevant social media platforms)

  • This can be only used to promote the wrestlers, and other individuals only

  • Video cannot be used to promote outside promotions, or appearances at non-FUSION Pro events. Video can only be used to promote an individual


  • Individuals can use pictures to promote themselves

  • Individuals must give credit tho whoever took the original picture (our in-house photographer is Que Photos)

  • Individuals must only use official, uncompressed photos, and not compressed photos (often saved from social media and messaging apps)

  • Pictures cannot be used to promote wrestlers in regards to other wrestling promotions

  • Pictures cannot be edited in any way without the express permission of the photographer

Logos, artwork and Other Workers

  • Individuals are prohibited from using logos, artwork or pictures of those who are not themselves unless they are given permission from FUSION Pro Wrestling


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