FUSION Pro Mission statement

FUSION Pro Wrestling's goal is to entertain wrestling fans with shows that blend together different styles of wrestling. This fusion of styles will make for impactful and exciting events packed with home grown wrestlers in a grassroots style wrestling promotion and school.


Who are we?

FUSION Pro Wrestling is comprised of a group of trainers who have over 30 years experience in wrestling combined, and have a shared desire to pass our knowledge and expertise onto a new generation of trainees. We are based in the Conwy area and our aim is to train up local individuals to wrestle on events for local communities. We are 100% non-profit and any money made by our group goes back into FUSION Pro Wrestling. This is our Grassroots Wrestling Movement.


FUSION Pro Committee

FUSION Pro is governed by a community group committee, chaired by Mason Tombs. Quarterly private meetings are held and minutes from these meetings will be made available to member of FUSION Pro Wrestling. A yearly AGM will be held which all FUSION Pro Wrestling members are able to attend.


FUSION Pro: Grassroots Wrestling Movement

Grassroots wrestling is a term you’ll hear a lot. However wrestling promotions and schools can often interpret the meaning differently, so our take is the Grassroots Wrestling Movement.

The Grassroots Wrestling Movement is dedicated to training up new wrestlers and those trainees, as well as other inexperienced workers, a place to expand their skills in front of a live audience. We aim to bring our show to various communities located mainly the Conwy and Gwynedd area. These events will be ticketed but we aim to keep prices affordable, and we do hope to offer a mix of cut price trainee events, free outdoor events as well as other community events.

We shall indeed hire in more experienced wrestlers where necessary, but aside from this, all wrestlers at our shows will either be trained in house or be rookies living locally.