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FUSION Pro UK Code of Conduct


By agreeing to work with FUSION Pro UK, I hereby agree to the following:

  • I will treat fellow FUSION Pro UK colleagues, staff and fans with the utmost respect.

  • I will have an up to date DBS check prior to working with us.

  • I will be considerate to those around me, and recognize that my words can affect those around me.

  • I will not use my position as a FUSION Pro UK employee (or any other worker in the company) to take advantage of other people.


Speaking Out


If anyone has concerns about potential breaches in the safeguarding policy, misconduct within the company, or any other concerns, these should report these concerns to management. If an individual does not feel like that cannot speak to management about these issues, we have a number of official safeguarding officers that can be spoken to. You can choose to speak to them in person, or via telephone/sms or other electronic methods.


Any concerns relating to the above should be reported as soon as possible.


Negative Actions


To continue working for FUSION Pro UK, we ask workers and staff to abide by the following:

  • I will conduct myself respectfully in my private life, we believe in free speech but do not tolerate hate speech, or similarly negative language or overly controversial views. Any breach of this policy will result in an investigation.

  • Wrestling is a worked sport, and we ask that wrestlers protect one another in the ring. We will not tolerate ‘stiffing’ (to physically attack another wrestler), ‘receipting’ (hitting someone for accidentally hitting you) or any non-worked violence at FUSION Pro UK events.

  • I will not spread false accusations against fellow FUSION Pro UK staff. Likewise, we do not tolerate those making ‘dummy accounts’ on social media to abuse staff.

  • I will never conduct myself in an unprofessional manner.

  • I will attend on time, repeated poor time keeping will result in being dropped from bookings. I shall keep FUSION Pro UK UK up to date on any lateness or need to cancel.


Other Concerns


Please inform FUSION Pro UK Management if there is issues with any of the following:

  • I will inform management if I cannot compete in my planned match

  • I shall stay abreast of any changes to FUSION Pro UK policies

  • I shall inform management about any concerns I have about my character or storyline

  • I shall inform FUSION Pro UK management about any guests, or those who must attend the event with me (eg driver). I will not take advantage of the guest rules.

  • Guests at events will be decided on a show by show basis, please contact management for more information on this.

  • FUSION Pro UK does not allow any unauthorised staff backstage at wrestling events


I understand a breach of this code may result in disciplinary action. I confirm that I have read the FUSION Pro UK Code of Conduct and understand these procedures. I understand that any violations of these procedures may lead to suspension or a banning from all FUSION Pro UK events.

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