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1PW Closes Down... Again

The Doncaster based wrestling promotion One Pro Wrestling has closed down once again, after previously going into liquidation in 2007, returning and then closing again in 2013.

One Pro Wrestling was one of the few attempts to create a major wrestling promotion in the United Kingdom, with the likes of Rob Van Dam, Will Osprey, Samoa Joe and Bryan Danielson all appearing on 1PW events over the years.

However, recently several wrestlers took to X (formerly Twitter) to reveal they were still owed money from 1PW, and were unable to contact owner Steven Gauntley. Matt Cardona, Steph De Lander and wrestling commentator Joe Dombrowski all made comments regarding the promotion recently, with Cardona referring to Gauntley as a 'carny'.

Another 1PW, Robbie X, claimed the company had not paid him and had blocked him, in a now deleted Tweet. It's a huge shame as 1PW once looked like it could be on the same level as a high level American indie promotion, the company even sold its DVDs through HMV at one stage.

It's uncertain what the future holds, but right now, it looks bleak for 1PW.

Picture Credit: Doncaster Free Press


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