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Ty Hapus Community Centre

Ffordd Penrhyn


LL30 1HB




Mat-based lessons cost £6

Ring-based lessons cost £10


Memberships start from £20 per month


Mat Sessions held Every Friday 7pm-9pm



Wrestling/Boxing boots should be worn for every session and should be changed into at the venue,

no outdoor footwear is allowed during training, clean indoor trainers are also allowed.



Loose-fitting clothing should be worn, i.e t-shirt, shorts or jogging gear. Knee pads and supports

are highly recommended but not essential...Possibly a towel.


We are proud to announce weekly wrestling lessons at the Ty Hapus Community Centre

in Llandudno. Wrestling lessons haven't been available at this venue for nearly three years.

The lessons will be held by various wrestlers from North Wales, all with many years of experience

in wrestling. Trainees can expect to learn all aspects of wrestling during the lessons,

from wrestling to refereeing to public speaking.

Training costs £6 for mat sessions (held weekly) and £10 for ring sessions

(held throughout the year).

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Before attending a training session please sign up using the form below.

BEFORE signing up please CLICK HERE for the Rules, Terms and Conditions.


We reserve the right to refuse to training any individual we deem unsuitable.

If trainees break the Academy rules they will be asked to leave.


If you suffer from any medical issues that may be aggravated by wrestling training we recommend seeking medical advice before joining.


Please be aware that wrestling training is a FULL contact activity and it is very possible to sustain injury. By signing up you agree that you are aware of the nature of wrestling and the Fusion Pro Wrestling takes no responsibility for injuries sustained whilst training.


We retain the rights to use photos of training and trainees for publicity purposes, by signing you also agree to this.

Waiver of Liability

By undertaking wrestling training under banner of FUSION Pro Wrestling (including the names FUSION Pro Wrestling Academy, FUSION Pro Academy, Conwy County Wrestling or the acconisms CCW,FPW) I hereby agree to the following;

I shall not hold the aforementioned responsible for an injury or accident resulting from ordinary negligence. I will also not hold any trainer, or individual responsible for any injury or accident resulting from ordinary negligence.

Any medical conditions that could be affected by training must be disclosed to the aforementioned. The aforementioned recommends medical advice before training with a medical condition.

Anyone training with the aforementioned and doing so with a medical condition does so at their own risk and the aforementioned and associated trainers take no responsibility for injury, accident or worsening of said condition.

Please fill in all your details before attending a session, but filling in your details and clicking 'Submit' you agree to the above conditions and do not hold FUSION Pro Wrestling, or any of its sister groups, trainers or associates responsible for any injury sustained while engaged in any sort of training, exercise, fitness or wrestling activity or any activity carried out at wrestling events or training sessions.

You are required to purchase your own personal insurance when training with FUSION Pro.

FUSION Pro takes no responsibility for injury sustained whilst wrestling, or training, while uninsured.​

Click here for a Parental Consent Form for under 16 year olds